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What hair extensions are best to learn?

Updated: Feb 15

All about the hair extension systems we teach...

What hair extensions are best to learn?

One size doesn’t fit all so its important to offer different methods of application to suit different hair types, different client preferences and budgets.

You’ll learn all the most popular, newest and most profitable methods of hair extensions when you train with us including:


A photo of microring hair extensions applied to highlighted hair

These are one of the most popular methods and a great all rounder as they suit all hair types.

Microrings are applied using a little metal ring. The extensions we use with microrings are called i tip or stick tip extensions and look a bit like the end of a shoelace. They need the least amount of maintenance and need the least specialised aftercare. They move just like your own hair, last the longest between tightening appointments and can be reused.


A photo of nanoring hair extensions applied in dark brown hair

Nanorings are teeny tiny extensions so are ideal for fine hair. You can tie your hair up no problem with them as they are almost invisible in hair.

Nanorings are 90% smaller than microrings and people don’t really believe just how small they are until they see them in real life

Hidden bead wefts

LA weave- Hidden bead weft

These are also known as the LA weave method or invisible weave method.

They are applied in a track or curtain of hair with beads and, as the name suggests, the beads are hidden. This is a very discrete method of application.

They have grown in popularity over the past few years because they are the method the Kardashians often wear to get such long, thick hair.

These are great for people with very thick hair or people who want really, really thick hair.


Tape in hair extensions applied to hair
Tape In

Tape in extensions are applied by sandwiching your clients own hair between 2 pieces of tape in extension.

These have been made hugely popular by

social media like Instagram and TikTok

They sit nicely flat against your head and add a huge amount of length and volume very quickly.


To cater to your needs we can also cover the following during 1:1 or in salon training:

Pre bonded hair extensions being applied to blonde hair
Pre Bonds


Blonde classic beaded weft hair extensions being applied to blonde hair
Classic beaded weft

Pre bonded extensions, have a keratin based glue at the top, this is melted using a heated gun then rolled between your fingers into a little bond, when it cools its like a little grain of rice. The hair we use for prebonds is called U tip or K tip hair.

Classic Beaded Weft

These extensions are applied in a track or curtain of hair using microrings, the rings are sewn into the top of the weft then applied to your clients hair.

No sew wefts

No sew weft hair extensions in blonde hair
No Sew Weft

No sew beaded weft, also known as the NSBW method or quick weft.

This method is quick and easy and allows you to do a full head of extensions in record time without the need for sewing.

Ideal for fashion or hair shows or tv and film work where you need to work fast.


All of our training courses are accredited and consist of a one-day in-person experience, complemented by 3-4 hours of bite-sized online training.

Each course also includes a comprehensive kit to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

Investing in your education is the first step towards building a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Don't wait any longer to achieve your dreams - sign up now for our hair extension training courses. Deposit is just €99 and you can start right away!

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