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Hair Extension Courses for Non Hairdressers

Blonde woman with thick, full hair extensions

Are you passionate about hair extensions but worried that your lack of hairdressing experience might hold you back? Fear not! At, we firmly believe that hair extension expertise is accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous experience in the field. Our comprehensive training program is tailored specifically for beginners, allowing you to master the art of hair extensions and build a successful career in the industry. Our training opens doors for individuals with a passion for hair and no prior hairdressing background.

1. Learn from Scratch

We understand that hair extension enthusiasts come from various walks of life, and many might not have a formal background in hairdressing. Our training is thoughtfully designed to cater to learners from all walks of life, providing a nurturing environment where novices can flourish. We will teach you to confidently apply all five different hair extension methods.

2. A Holistic Learning Experience

Our courses cover a wide range of crucial topics, ensuring you become a well-rounded hair extension specialist. From mastering all the different extension application methods (one size doesn't fit all so its important to offer different types) to understanding the intricacies of client consultations, color matching, and cutting and blending extensions – we've got you covered.

3. Business Savvy

At, we believe that learning doesn't stop at applying extensions; it also includes building a thriving hair extension business. Our courses incorporate essential marketing strategies to help you establish and grow your own hair extension venture successfully. From building a brand identity to harnessing the power of social media, we provide the insights and tools to market your skills effectively and attract a steady stream of clients.

4. Picture-Perfect: Before and After

In the world of hair extensions, photos of your work speaks volumes. We understand the importance of a captivating "before and after" photo, and our training includes techniques on capturing the perfect shots that showcase your talent. These compelling images will serve as a powerful portfolio, highlighting your skills and setting you apart from the competition.


Hair extension courses for non-hairdressers at offer an inclusive and empowering learning experience. We believe that with passion, determination, and the right guidance, anyone can excel in the field of hair extensions. Our training equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to master five different extension methods, conduct effective client consultations, perform color matching and cutting, and market your hair extension business successfully.

Don't just take our word for it!

We take immense pride in the positive feedback and success stories shared by those who have completed our hair extension courses.

So, if you dream of transforming tresses and making clients feel fabulous, take the leap and enroll in our hair extension courses. Unlock your potential, embark on an exciting journey, and carve a niche for yourself in the dynamic world of hair extensions.

Sign up now at and turn your passion for hair into a fulfilling and rewarding career. The possibilities are limitless when you have the right training and mindset!

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